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Church Officers and Committees

Local church officers manage the administration and organization of the church and offer many opportunities for service. According to the The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, ¶244, every congregation must make provisions for including particular functions.

Mount Zion United Methodist Church Committees 2016

Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Bill Carson Myra Armistead Lane Miller
Sharon Chandler Chris O'Dell Kristine Reeves
On Lay Leadership by virtue of position:  Lynn Martin, Lay Leader


Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Terry Handegan Myra Armistead Karen Martin
Drew Gelder Sonny Sims Jan Miller
On SPRC by virtue of their position:  Lay Leader - Lynn Martin
Lay Member to Annual Conference - Sharon Chandler
TRUSTEES - Chair: Jerry Chandler     Vice-Chair: Al Cumbie     Secretary: Kathy O'Dell
Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018
Jerry Chandler Steve Lee John Wisham
Al Cumbie Virginia Norwood Kathy O'Dell
AGE/LEVEL FAMILY COMMITTEE - Co-Chairs:  Libba Carson, Elizabeth Bowman
Kristine Reeves - RAPpers Jan Miller Jane Jones
Catherine Ferguson Janet Crenshaw Heather Cumbie
Randy Martin    
Vicki Miesbauer
Kris Bowman Randy Martin
Elizabeth Bowman Elizabeth Finely
FINANCE COMMITTEE - Chair: Benji Cumbie
Treasurer:  Chris O'Dell
Member at Large:  B. J. Skelton
On Finance Committee by virtue of their position:
Lay Leader - Lynn Martin
Lay Member to Annual Conference - Sharon Chandler
Chairperson of Church Council - Ed Martin
Chairperson of Staff/Parish Relations Committee - Sonny Sims
Chairperson of Trustees - Jerry Chandler
Pastor - Gene Aiken
HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE - Chair:  Sherrie Younbglood  
Myra Armistead Cindy Owens Sheila Malmgren
Elizabeth Bowman - Bereavement Bonnie Littrell Karen Smith
Scott Smith Jill Sims Ginger Allen
Elaine Bullock Drew Gelder Buddy Evatt
WORHSIP COMMITTEE -  Chair: Kristine Reeves
Vicki Miesbauer - Communion/Altar Chris O'Dell Elizabeth Finley
Kristine Reeves - Flowers
Ginger Allen Paige Evatt
Malek McDuffie - Music Director    
Communications Committee -  Chair:  Pastor, Gene Aiken
Sharon Chandler - Website, Facebook Sharon Miller - Newsletter

Cherylene Amidon - Bulletin

Wedding Committee      
Myra Armistead TBD TBD
Lay Leader - Lynn Martin*
Safe Sanctuary - Chair:  Ed Martin
Terri Lee Al Cumbie, Trustee Rep.

CHURCH COUNCIL - Chair: Ed Martin; Vice-Chair: John Reeves
Recording Secretary - Sharon Chander
Member-at-Large - Sonny Sims
On Church Council by virtue of their position:
Age Level/Family Ministries Co-Chairs - Libba Carson, Elizabeth Bowman
Evangelism Chair - Ashley Gelder
Finance Chair - Benji Cumbie
Treasurer - Chris O'Dell
Hospitality Chair - Sherrie Youngblood
Worship Chair - Kristine Reeves
Parsonage & Grounds Committee Chair - John Wisham
SPRC Chair - Trent Allen
Trustees Chair - Jerry Chandler
UMW President - Elizabeth Finley
UMM President - Benji Cumbie
Lay Leader - Lynn Martin
Lay Member to Annual Conference - Sharon Chandler
Pastor - Gene Aiken
Sunday School Superintendent - TBD
Lay Leader - Lynn Martin*
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference - Sharon Chandler
Alternate Lay Delegate to Annual Conference - Sharon Miller*
Membership Secretary - Sharon Chandler
Boy Scout Coordinator - Ansel Miller
Note: The pastor is an ex-officio member of all committees with full vote on all, except Trustees.

Recommendation from the Committee on Nominations and Leadership:
Conversations with committee chairs and the Church Council shall be conducted concerning the development of a Congregational Care and Nurture Committee; which could include the Hospitality Committee and Bereavement Committee as Sub-Committees, in order to better plan and create ways to minister to and care for members of our congregation, to be implemented in 2015.